• Coaching in Delft

Coaching in Delft

'Leading others to lead themselves'
Birgitt Williams, 2015

Mentor was the name of the old King of Ithaka in Greek mythology. The young Telemachus was given into his custody with the assignment: 'teach him everything you know!'
Thus, to mentor someone is this miraculous and powerful mix of coaching, teaching and life experience that helps to find the answers that are right for you.

Give me a call for an Orientational Session or come to Delft, Nwe Plantage 28 on a Thursday.

Executive Coaching

  • Leadership coaching
  • Find out about the paradox of leading an innovative team

Shadow Coaching
  • Advice for a complicated project that you want to execute but cannot get help with from within your organisation.
  • How do you cope with the tension?
  • Managing your own insecurities in relation to organisational demands.
  • Managing relationships and networks.
All coaching at Mantra is customized to the coachee's individual requirements.