• Find your Personal Multiple Intelligences Profile

Find your Personal Multiple Intelligences Profile

MIDAS is the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scale created by Dr. Banton Shearer. It is a reliable and validated self-assessment inventory to explore and develop your own developmental profile of Multiple Intelligences.

The new English version of the MIDAS TM assessment will be online in the coming months and I invite you to do a MIDAS TM validation session with me assessment if your are interested.

Above a short explanation and description if given about the MIDAS by Dr. Branton Shearer, the originator of the instrument (6 minutes).

The MIDAS ™ report and validation session are made up of the following parts:

  • Information by phone or Skype about the MIDAS ™ validation session and question about possible additional purpose of doing this assessment.
  • After contreacting invitation (by email) of candidates to complete MIDAS ™ questionnaire online.
  • Creating report and inviting the client for a face to face MIDAS ™ validation session. For this reflection and feedback session 1.5 hours need to be reserved.
  • Cost of the  MIDAS ™ report and validation session are 230 Euro's ex. VAT.
  • You will receive a personal report, you will make a valdation and if you wish decide on ways to go forward with the gained insights.