• Leadership of Innovative Teams
  • Leadership of Innovative Teams

Leadership of Innovative Teams

A happy event. 2000 the book edition of the remarkable PhD Thesis "Playing, Leadership and Team Development in Innovative Teams" by Helga Hohn was published by Eburon, writes P. Karis.

Why is leading an innovative team a paradoxical activity?

Playing, Leadership and Team Development in Innovative Teams
contains an excellent analysis of the differences between the scientific research of group dynamics and the pragmatic team literature.
It also focuses on the psychology of playing and creativity and the creative climate of organisations. Part of the answers to the question above. For the full answer scan the article below.
The conclusions are based an on inquiery into the experience of senior team leaders.
Jan Buijs, Professor of Management and Innovation, Delft University of Technology, 2000

The text of the Introduction and Summary of the book can be downloaded here.
Please also note the book review by Dr. Froukje Wirtz.