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The name 'Mantra' referred to Management Training coined in 1989 when I founded my company. The business has in recent years made an important shift to Personal Development and Coaching as its main activities. Mantra also holds my work with Multiple Intelligences that started in 2000 including the development of the MIDAS in Coaching. This has formed a solid addition to my years of coaching experience and my background as a psychologist. September 2017 I became boardmember of the newly formed foundation aMI (association Multiple Intelligences.
My passion for intercultural work and diversity ties in with the development of people; with imagination and empathy I use and develop solid tools to support and serve my customers in my coaching when bringing them one step further to themselves and the goals they intuit and envision.

Mantra's current colleagues and working partners:

# Delft University of Technology: Industrial Design Engineering

# Doris Gottlieb

# Erasmus University Rotterdam, ESAA Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance

# Process Coaching

# MIResearch.org

# Unique Sources