• Multiple Intelligences for Educators  ACRE South Africa 2016
  • Multiple Intelligences for Educators  ACRE South Africa 2016

Multiple Intelligences for Educators ACRE South Africa 2016

It was an awesome experience to give the workshops Multiple Intelligences for Educators that many of the 200 teachers of the ACRE Conference attended. The examples about intelligence-misfit and the use of 'matching, stretching and celebrating' in schools gave additional 'aha's' next to the acquaintance with the Multiple Intelligences. The sad thing, I found, were the circumstances the teachers often had to work in: classes of 50 to 70 students in primary schools were no exception. However, I was greatly impressed by their enthusiasm and spirit not to give up in spite of a corrupt government and very scarce resources.

Some testimonials:
Filled in the gaps that the university didn’t fill. I now understand how to use my intelligences to enhance learning. Really enjoyed her energy.
I take away so much about intelligences – I thought intelligence was just about being smart – ha ha ha! Very helpful – an eye-opener.
I now understand how to use my different intelligences and know how to use them to better myself and my learners – brilliant presentation.

Multiple Intelligences for Educators
This presentation is a celebration of the multiple abilities and capacities of humans as they are translated by the psychologist Howard Gardner into eight Multiple Intelligences. It is about building and strengthening your own multiple intelligences. Many examples from history, the arts but also professional work are given, but the interactive element is central. You are invited to discover more about your own abilities and try out applications and possibilities in your work and for yourself. You will be introduced to a validated instrument, the MIDAS: Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales for profiling the Multiple Intelligences.

+ Look at the total picture,
+ Celebrate your strength,
+ Pay attention to your hidden intelligences,
+ Be optimistic about your weaknesses
+ Apply your new insights in your work

At the end of the presentation you will have insight into the concept of multiple intelligences and your own preferences. A small analysis of your own professional work situation will have given you new viewpoints for enrichment and focus. Your personal insights, an e-article with inspirations and tips for the development of Multiple Intelligences and probably a whole lot of new questions and ideas is what you take away.

To Alan Black go many thanks for the beautiful photographs!