• 2017 Smart MI Negotiation Workshop on International Women´s Day

2017 Smart MI Negotiation Workshop on International Women´s Day

Helga Hohn explains about Multiple Intelligences. "Surprising, educational and many new insights": these positive reactions marked the workshop Smarter Negotiation with Multiple Intelligences, organized on the occasion of International Women's Day. 
The group of Delft and Leiden enterpreneurial women proved to be strong in Linguistic and Interpersonal Intelligences, but also Logical Mathematical Intelligence was eminent. After a brief explanation of the eight intelligences, each participant received her personal MI profile. After that, the intelligences were applied in negotiation situations of the paticipants.

Conflicts and negotiations in work and private situations were viewed from different angles and suddenly revealed new solutions.

Viewed from the visual-spacial Intelligence the distance with a client did not appear to be bridged. From the Interpersonal spectrum, there were suddenly more mediators available than thought of. And from a kinesthetic point of view, it is sometimes advisable to discuss the situation fast and in a hurry.

Although this was an introduction and application of the Multiple Intelligences in a bird´s view: this tasted like more.

Negotiations: Every entrepreneur has to deal with them.