• Dr Helga Hohn

Dr Helga Hohn

Coach, board member knowledge innovation of aMI (association Multiple Intelligence), Genuine Contact Professional and Certified mentor for the MIDAS insturment are the main pillars of my current worklife.  As a seasoned trainer and experienced coach my interest is in the person behind the role as much as in his/her development and learning experience. I work in my coaching with multiple intelligences in order to accelerate learning experiences and encourage the application of these in their work, passions and relationships. On a tailor made basis I love to work on as a life- and executive coach on personal, professional or other work related questions.
I am a certified practitioner of MIDAS, IRC, MBTI and other psychometric instruments and an adhere to the ethical code of the International Coach Federation and MIDAS Coaching. Since 1999 I hold a PhD from Delft University of Technology; my masters degree in Psychology I received from the University of Leiden. My book 'Leadership and Team Development in Innovative Teams' was published by Eburon in 2000. Other publications can be found on my site: www.mantra-europe.com