The Benefits of Multiple Intelligences

When working with Multiple Intelligences, You will gain answers to the following questions:
  • What are Multiple Intelligences (MI’s)?
  • How does it help to know my profile of Multiple Intelligences?
  • What advantages does the concept of MI's give me and my organization?
  • Which applications are already there? For me? For my organization?

Comments from participants after acquaintance with and application of MI's:

1. Multiple Intelligences is not rote learning or knowledge reproduction, but the use of other intelligences, skills, which you do not yet know, that you are smart at.

2. MI's give different perspectives for problem solving.

3. MI’s bring your hobby into your work and enrich your range of reaching others. For example drawing or
illustrating a financial story

4. MI’s can be valuable in work and life coaching.

5. MI’s help you to gain more understanding for more intelligences and therefore more and different people.

6. MI’s help you to get rid of your internet addiction. For example: make informed choices and reduce the chatter of social media and advertising
7. MI’s give more substance and support you to work with to the continuous (contemporary) demand for creativity and social skills.
8. You can develop yourself and appreciate your talents with MI For example with help of the MIDASTM instrument.
9. You understand more about, IQ, EQ and MI’s.
10. Use more non-verbal intelligences to explain and do (complex) matters For example use a game to explain something.
11. Develop naturalistic intelligence to find balance, order and regularity (life forces) in your life.
12. You remember what you (in earlier times) could do and can rekindle this intelligences.
13. MI’s come in handy when enhancing and tuning into your team’s strengths.
14. MI's support you when presenting and helps you lose your stage-fright. For example learning to breathe more deeply, singing, listening and having fun together
15. You gain awareness of overuse of one of your strong intelligences to compensate for a weaker one.
16. You become more creative in your solutions when you use your Multiple Intelligences.