• The Genuince Contact NL HUB

The Genuince Contact NL HUB

The methods such of the Genuine Contact Way leans heavily on the mentoring circles of the GC professionals who coach, inspire and teach each other on different levels and when mentoring always on the premise that the one who knows a bit more is the teacher of the moment.
Generosity is the basis here and I am very grateful for all the generous gifts that I got from my Genuine Contact colleagues, teachers and trainers all over the world.
The GC NL Hub is a developing group of Venune Contact Trainers and GC Professionals who build their own business but have this one point of mentoring opportunity together. The First Friday's of every months.
Whoever comes is the right people and eveything that happens is the only thing that could have.
In practice a group is a group when two persons are there and in Cporona times we move to online communication if necessary.

A new way of facilitating is working worldwide and online with multiple X groups and making use of all the wisdom and diversity these groups contain. For starting online facilitators read my experiences and thought in the article below.
This piece that was written 2008 for Henley Business School about a course in 2000 was far ahead of its time. Byt Facilitation method catch up fast as we can see in these Genuine Contact pictures of the First Friday.